Warrior Names from Afrika

"I wanted a name that had something to do with struggle, something to do with the liberation of our people."

-- Assata Shakur

You won't find this rare collection of Afrikan warrior names in any other name book.

Warrior Names from Afrika
By Stic.man of dead prez

Different from most name books, this concise collection of powerful Afrikan names features actual names collected by Stic.man during his search for his son's name during a dead prez tour in Afrika.

This name book is one of a kind in that the names are not the typical "born on Thursday" or "pretty flower" type of names, these represent revolutionary themes of power, freedom, warfare, strong man and womanhood, love, reality, spirituality and success.

It is a great gift for expecting parents or for any one looking to redefine themselves and throw off the shackles of the white-man's slave name. Filled with colorful illustrations, this carry-sized resource tells you how to spell the name, how to pronounce it easily and correctly and what each name translates to in English. Great for Kwanzaa gifts and rites of passage graduates, too.

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