The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy

Vegan Soulfood
Your all-in-one guide for soulful vegan recipes, grocery shopping, dining out, nutrition and more!

Afya Ibomu, a certified holistic health counselor and vegan caterer (she served as Erykah Badu's nutritionist on tour!) offers this helpful book and DVD to those looking for a healthful spin on classic soulfood. More than just a collection of amazing recipes, The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy brings a wealth of knowledge on how to grocery shop, a tutorial on how to read and understand food labels, proper nutrition, meal planning, and more.

Some of the healthy, yet stick-to-your-ribs recipes include:
- Sweet Potato Pie
- Tofu "Buffalo" Wings
- Corn Bread
- Crispy Collard Green Rolls
- Candied Yams
- Hush Pups
- Hood Rich Brownies
- Creole Red Beans and Rice
- Zulu Muffins
- Satisfy My Soul Grits
...and more!

Includes a bonus DVD titled "Pimp My Tofu", which shows the viewer how to prepare tofu in various different ways. Paperback, glossy, 170 pages.


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