V.S.O.P - Vegetarian Sources of Protein

Vegetarian Sources of Protein

     By Afya Ibomu

Who says vegetarians don’t get enough protein? That’s bull!

This colorful, 2-sided glossy reference guide is packed with proof. It’s easy to carry and perfect for your refrigerator, purse, desk, or as a gift.

Animal sources of protein can put a strain on your organs that can lead to cancer, heart, kidney, and liver diseases. Eating the right amount of vegetable protein can help:

• improve your energy
• control junk food cravings that can lead to weight gain
• increase muscle mass


Get the info you need on:
*Non-meat sources of protein from foods such as fruits, veggies and grains
*Daily protein requirements for children, teens, and adults
*Quick facts about protein

This guide was produced by Afya Ibomu, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, AADP. Afya is owner and operator of Good For You, LLC, a company that has a mission to motivate, educate, and improve the health and well being of our society. You can contact Afya for wholesale orders and health consultation via e-mail at:

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