We're looking for Captains and Soldiers Only! Our goal is to establish an independent, effective guerilla marketing team throughout the U.S. as well as internationally to help promote dead prez and Boss Up, Inc. We know that the message of empowerment for our communities will never be properly promoted or encouraged by depending solely on the System. The people are the power. Only through mass organization we will reach the masses of people! This is how you can help.

There is no charge to you at all, EVER. We have developed this program to be easy and efficient for all involved. You will be responsible for distributing marketing materials in your area of influence.

You will either be accepted as a Captain, who receives materials from BOSSUPBU.COM directly, or you will be a Soldier who receives promo materials from the Captain in your local area.

Once approved for membership, you will:

  • be assigned a position
  • receive regular e-mail updates for exclusive marketing information, special discounts for BOSSUP merchandise and special networking opportunities
  • you or your business will be promoted in the Networking Section of BOSSUPBU.COM

Simply fill out the following questionnaire and press SEND and we will contact you once we review your application. If you have a resume or any professional background in marketing, please send it to [email protected] If approved for membership, you will receive a full packet breaking down the benefits, responsibilities, rules/regulations, and opportunities for advancement. You will also receive your FREE BOSSUP STREET TEAM T-SHIRT and promo materials. Together Everyone Achieves More!

- STIC.MAN/dead prez


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