The Art of Emcee-ing

"As far as my man Stic, he's one of the coldest emcees ever."
                                               -- Common

Ready to take your rap career to the next level? Never before has the Art of Emcee-ing been available in print, until now!


By of dead prez


The Art of Emcee-ing is the first book of its kind. This is not a book about the history of rap. Nor is this a book about who's who in the industry. This book is about the art, science and techniques of emcee-ing. It gives u a step-by-step instructional guide on learning to create, write, record, publish and profit from your own songs. You will learn:

  • Get honest, straightforward and genuine advice on taking your rap career to the next level!
  • Master many different flows and styles and reach more people
  • Learn how to improve your live performance and get more shows
  • Be hip to the pimp games that managers and labels run on artists
  • Start your own publishing company easily and simply
  • Beat writer's block once and for all
  • ...and much more!

"I love it. [The Art of Emcee-ing] is a wealth of information for me. Especially the writers block chapter. I feel like you are talking to me and I only like to read books that speak the truth."
                                       -- Comrads in The Struggle

"I appericate the BOOK alot..Some thangs I knew, but other thangs I did not KNOW. The Book gave me an OVERSTANDING!!! in which i can use before shows, after shows and daily life..GIVE THANKS!!!!"
 -- 7th Prophet

"Your book was like reading the Art of War , & Voice Energetics at the same time. All serious vocalist need to peep it. Big up!"
--Negus Dawit


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