Beautiful and Personal Meanings of Monogram Wall Decor

Monogram wall decor is one of the unique wall decors that will surely make your room looks pretty and catchy. This wall decor usually shaped an alphabet, but some people also use their initials combined with their couple’s initial beside it. This wall decor is really cute that you can adjust your wall decor as you want, not except with the main material and the classic font. People really like this wall decor because they can freely adjust theirs by putting the special character they like.

What makes this wall decor is really special is the initial that is written in the carved wood because it really is the symbol of their selves. Monogram wall decor main material is usually wood because the maker can easily carve the initial with the quite complicated font. But you may also usually find another material which is iron or even fabric because the owner really can design theirs. And that is why people also use this wall decor as a gift for the lovely one.

Not only for gift, but you can also have it for your identity in your room. For example, you put this monogram wall decor in your room and it is written your name and your couple, then in the next room you put it with your son or daughter initial name on it. And sure it makes every room in your house looks pretty and unique as many people only put it in the main room of the house. Not only in the room, but you can also put it in the front of the house as the identity of your family name so people will easily recognize your house by reading the family’s initial. Sure monogram wall decor specialty has its own characteristic because it is written with you’re the initials of your name.

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