An Antique Impression of the Tuscan Wall Décor

Home interior decorating each region has its own characteristic that conveys the original culture of the area. There is one unique wall décor that is a Tuscan wall décor. It is wall décor by adopting a European style, especially Italy. All objects that are used as accessories to beautify the walls are made with antic and have artistic value. All accessories ranging from paintings and unique objects made of metal. Metal material formed with arches is quite complicated to form a pattern that conveys the impression of Italian style. Wall décor is also made with a variety of sizes ranging from small to large sizes which will decorate every corner of your wall.

Not only raw materials becoming the material forming this wall décor. No other materials used are iron. Iron Tuscan wall décor has a strong texture with woven metal rod curved to form a specific pattern such as a pattern of flowers, the sun, and other patterns. Pattern in the Tuscan has a large nucleus and dense. Around the core is filled with an iron rod pattern with beautiful shape as interesting variations. In terms of size and shape, these objects have diversity as an option to apply in your room. The size of the long stretches till short. Length has a size nearly equal to the windows of the house. Then short and small have the same size with frame photograph frame attached to the wall.

Then the form of a Tuscan wall décor is also varied. The form consists of rectangles, circles and other shapes. Consisting of a rectangular shape amid floral motifs and woven from a combination of materials forming this wall décor. Form of a circle having the same motif with a rectangular shape. Tuscan wall décor ideas are a way to create a collection of items antic filled the room. That's because it is comprised of wall décor of antique motif of a State. Besides the color used wall décor are the bronze and gold color. These colors will show luxury in the old days.

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