The Art of Emcee-ing
By of
dead prez
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Afrikan Martial Arts- Discovering the Warrior Within
By Balogun O. Abeegunde
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dead prez’s all new .AMMO MAGAZINE is available exclusively at BOSSUPBU.COM. It’s a monthly review of progressive books, practical info and helpful multimedia products from dead prez’s personal collection. .Ammo magazine was created to “arm” subscribers by recommending direct sources of info that have and continue to inspire dead prez’s music, message and RBG way of life.

Topics of recommended materials are diverse and dynamic ranging from revolutionary politics, health, self-defense, martial arts, edutainment, spirituality, parenting, money, relationships, survival, business and much more!

Other regular feature departments of .Ammo include sneak peaks of new dead prez and RBG music, exclusive freestyles and a full color collector’s “cover” each month.

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