The Art of Emcee-ing
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Afrikan Martial Arts- Discovering the Warrior Within
By Balogun O. Abeegunde
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BOSSUPBU.COM is your official one stop, on-line shop into the world of dead prez & more.

Our commitment is to provide quality products and community services. This is your source for: 
  • new dead prez music, including solos from and M-1
  • music production and song collaborations
  • community awareness
  • exclusive merchandise
  • BOSSUP books

Our slogans, "REAL RECOGNIZE REAL" and "BU", express our commitment to keepin it real with ourselves and our community in business, in music and in struggle.

Marcus Garvey taught us to be inspired and be empowered and that's what we are determined to do. BOSSUPBU.COM is not just a Web site, but a way of life! bio